We have a wide range of tools, carefully selected from the best manufacturers in the world. We check carefully to ensure compatibility between these tools and our components.

For example, you must use the correct tool and die when crimping copper terminal lugs.

During recent years we have seen countless engineers confounded by the cable/terminal sizing issue. We often find that the modern cable sizes do not match the standard terminal diameters. This is because cable manufacturers are using higher conductivity copper which requires less material for a given ampere rating.

In these circumstances, there is excess material after crimping, lugs can become loose and there is a danger of short circuits.

We offer a qualified evaluation of cable, terminal lug, crimp tool and die. We can test the pull-out force against the requirement of the specification under which the installation is made.

Call us on +45 6614 4400 if you have any questions about compatibility of cable and terminal.