Many people are only too aware of the problems sometimes associated with nylon cable ties.
If they become too dry, they become brittle and break when flexed. When they are too wet, it is possible to bend back the teeth during tensioning so they just don’t work.

We know all about these problems and often advise our customers about the right way to store nylon ties prior to use. Nylon 6.6 absorbs and releases water, according to its environment, and must be treated appropriately.

To satisfy the need for stronger and more reliable cable ties, we have developed Texitie - a range of Polyketone ties designed to 2½ times the strength of standard ties.

They are resistant to chemicals and release no hazardous gases when burning.

We also know many other things about fixing cables. For instance, how to fix high voltage, single core cables that will vibrate so violently if short-circuited that they can kill a man.

Or about cable clamps, stainless steel ties and Velcro fixings which do not interrupt signal wires when tensioned.

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